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Crestron AirMedia Wireless Presentation System

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Crestron AirMedia AM-100

Crestron AirMedia Technical Specifications

Crestron AirMedia Review

Crestron AirMedia™ makes wireless presenting with PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, on our HDTV or Projector from a personal iOS® or Android™ mobile device. MacBook® and PC laptops can be connected wirelessly as well, making presentations from any device simple. With no wires and no complicated settings all you need to do is connect to WiFi. Since your building is already connected with WiFi, this is going to be easy!

AirMedia Crestron Logo

AirMedia Crestron Logo

Present Anything — Without Wires
Hooking up to your meeting room display with a PC, MAC or any mobile device has never been easier. AirMedia supports Windows® and OS X® , Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices. Presenters using a Mac® or PC can connect to AirMedia without any special software installed, while iPad® and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play™.

Leverage the Power of Your PC or Mac®
When using a PC or Mac with AirMedia your entire desktop is shared. Anything you see on your desktop will be sent to the display. Give a presentation or collaborate on a project … AirMedia will share anything. You can even share dynamic content such as videos, supporting frame rates of 15 fps and beyond.[1]

Present Using Your Mobile Device
AirMedia can present Microsoft® Office documents (PowerPoint®, Word, Excel®), as well as PDFs and photos, from a smartphone or tablet device. Open the document in AirMedia and it is shared on the room display. Deliver dynamic and interactive presentations by simply paging through as you would any other application. There’s no more being tied to a laptop or podium. You can even share your apps using the “Shot&Show” feature. Simply take a screen shot and AirMedia will show it.

Multi-User Support
Imagine 32 devices all connected and ready to share, but instead of a clutter of cables entangled across the tabletop or floor, there are just people and their Wi-Fi enabled devices. AirMedia lets up to 32 users connect at once, switching from one device to the next for seamless collaboration on the fly.

Creston AirMedia Quad View

creston airmedia quad view

creston airmedia quad view

Crestron AirMedia’s Quad View capabilities are great for in-room collaboration allowing any device whether it is Mac, PC, iOS or Android! Crestron AirMedia was made to work with almost every popular Smart Phone and Computer wirelessly using the WiFi network. Logging into the Crestron AirMedia is as simple as downloading an app or entering a IP Address in any web browser! Once you have connected you Smart Phone or Computer to the same wireless network as the Crestron AirMedia your device will automatically recognize the AirMedia. You will then be asked to enter the room key security code and enter the AirMedia.

Wireless over WiFi!

From here up to 4 smartphone or PC/Mac Computer can be viewed at the same time in a Quad 2×2 video wall. The Crestron AirMedia Quad View is especially effective when used with a large screen TV or HD Projector. Since Crestron AirMedia supports 1920x1080p High Definition video and below you can display multiple high definition images simultaneously! The Crestron Quad View is a unique feature that makes the Crestron AirMedia more than just a wireless presentation solution. The Crestron AirMedia can display 1, 2, 3, or phone video streams wireless. For collaboration, in room and over the network you know have a solution that is super dynamic for wireless presentations. Don’t worry about users bringing in a iPhone when you only have Google Chrome or a Android when you only have an Apple TV. Finally a solution that works for everyone!

Air Media Overview

Air Media Overview

Play, Pause, Stop
Presenting with AirMedia is simple using intuitive Play, Pause, and Stop buttons that appear right on your device’s screen. Clicking the Play button selects your device as the presentation source, sending whatever is on your screen to the room display. When done presenting, just click the Stop button to stop displaying your device.

While presenting, it is often necessary to navigate away from your presentation to find some other related content. AirMedia lets you pause the presentation, freezing the current image on screen so others can continue to view it while you look through your personal files and emails. Once you’ve located the new content and brought it up on your device, simply click Play to resume the presentation.

Remote Viewing
The onscreen presentation is only part of the AirMedia experience. Using Remote View mode, participants and spectators can view the presentation through their own Web browsers. Remote View displays the presentation as static images, which can be refreshed on demand or set to refresh automatically every few seconds. Users can even save images of the presentation to their personal device for later review.

Connection Methods
To accommodate a full range of presentation environments, users, and IT preferences, AirMedia offers several ways for a presenter to connect:

crestron Air Media

crestron Air Media

  • Installed Application — This option installs a small software application directly onto each presentation device. The installed application affords the highest performance and allows users to scan the local network for AirMedia gateways, connecting automatically if only one gateway is found, or displaying a list of gateways to choose from when multiple gateways are found. Alternately, a preset list of gateways can be deployed, eliminating the need to scan the network. Each gateway is clearly identified by its room name or some other friendly term. The Installed App method allows organizations to manage user rights, and includes the option to assign PIN codes to each individual gateway.
  • Web Browser — Great for guest presenters, this option requires nothing to be pre-installed. Presenters simply follow the instructions displayed on the room display to point their Web browsers to the Web address of the local AirMedia gateway. A small utility runs on the presenter’s computer, allowing the presentation to begin without hassle. As an option, the presenter may choose to download the utility software, allowing them to connect directly to that same gateway in the future without using the Web browser.
  • USB Thumb Drive — As an alternative to using the Web browser method, the utility software may be loaded on a USB thumb drive providing a hardware dongle that simply plugs into the presenter’s computer.


Crestron Connected™ Display Control
Pairing AirMedia with a Crestron Connected projector or flat-panel display offers a seamless presentation solution. The AirMedia gateway communicates directly over the network with the display device, turning it on when a user connects, and shutting it down after the last user disconnects. Controls are also provided for turning the display on and off manually.[2]

For more information about Crestron Connected products, please visit

Easy Installation
At just over an inch thick, the compact AirMedia gateway device fits easily above a projector or behind a flat panel display. A surface mounting bracket is included for attachment to a wall or ceiling, with HDMI® and VGA/analog audio outputs provided for connection to the display device. AirMedia connects to existing Ethernet infrastructure and takes advantage of your organization’s Wi-Fi network, affording an optimal wireless interface for laptops and mobile devices.

System Integration
AirMedia isn’t limited to small, single-display applications. It can be used with DigitalMedia™CaptureLiveHD™,Crestron RL™ and other AV systems to provide a wireless option alongside DM®, HDMI, and other interfaces. AirMedia can also be controlled and monitored as part of a complete Crestron control system using a touch screen, wireless remote, mobile device or Crestron Fusion™ Enterprise Management Software.

Customizable Welcome Screen
To facilitate a user-friendly experience, AirMedia provides a customizable home screen that appears on the room display to welcome meeting participants as they enter the room. The welcome screen can display the company logo and room name along with easy to follow instructions, enabling presenters to connect their devices and start presenting quickly for maximum productivity.

Key Features


  • Enables wireless presentation of HD content using laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Low cost, easy to use, and easy to deploy across any number of rooms
  • Compatible with Windows®, OS X®, Apple® iOS®, and Android™
  • Displays up to four presentation sources at once in Quad View
  • Integrates with DigitalMedia™, CaptureLiveHD™, Crestron RL™ and other systems
  • Customizable welcome screen provides clear instructions for presenters
  • Integrates seamlessly with Crestron Connected™ displays[2]
  • Compatible with virtually any display device[2]
  • Supports Full HD 1080p and UXGA display resolutions
  • Provides HDMI®, VGA, and analog audio outputs
  • Choice of connection methods accommodates all types of users and organizations
  • Supports up to 32 simultaneous presenter connections
  • Remote View allows viewing and saving of presentation images through a Web browser
  • Compact form factor fits easily behind flat panels and above projectors
  • Leverages existing wired and wireless network infrastructure[1]

Air Media Brochure

Crestron Air Media Technical Specifications

Crestron Air Media Review

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Weight 8 lbs
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