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Exchange Hexagon


The All new Exchange Table

Custom built with our Patented FlipIT Technology

Comfortably sits 6 and Technology Ready.

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Product Description

Exchange Hexagon

Sets of 6 can be arranged in a hexagonal, pinwheel or triangular shape.

EXG-SET6-L-K19-LC: Exchange Collab Set of 6 (L) with 19″ Flip up monitor kits.

EXG Series: Exchange Tables are designed to encourage interaction. The tables are sold individually or in sets of 4 or 6. Sets of 4 can be arranged in a row or V shape. Sets of 6 can be arranged in a hexagonal, pinwheel or triangular shape. Tables come with or without a flipIT unit. Each triangular shaped table includes 3 table connectors; asteel frame fabric-mesh modesty panel with hook and loop wire management closure (black); three 2” post legs withcasters, aluminum snap chase for wire management; one 12’ length of 1.25” Clean Cut wire management sleeve in black; one PD-FC707 power supply with 3 power outlets and 1 powered USB Port for charging devices. 

exchange Collaboration Tables
Collaboration Furniture the hexagon
exchange by SMARTdesks hexagonal configuration collaboratiuon table The Geometry of InteractionWhen equal balance of authority is favored, the hexagon gives each seat independence. By keeping territories defined and spaces equal, participants carry equal weight in the collaboration. There is ample personal space for independent focus, and screens are far enough away and angled such that privacy screens are not necessary. Although people are head-to-head, the distance is far enough away that power balances. The diagonal shapes interrupt the confrontational body positioning and create a flow. Bodies tend to engage each other openly.
exchange hexagonal collaboration table by SMARTdesks, used with computers collaboration tabnle, exchagne by smartdesks, used with text and mobile devices.
Each person has their own domain at the hexagon. Each has the freedom to use text or computers, laptops or mobile devices. Screens are private. Imagine that you are seated at one of the foreground positions, From those vantage points, the users’ screens at the middle positions cannot be viewed. At each station, there is enough space to share a screen or laptop at a corner. The work space is very generous. Reference books and note pads can be comfortably arranged, particular to each user. Computers can be flipped up in seconds.The users at the top of the table seem to be sharing a common space. This was done naturally, based on the cues of the corners. Notice that their body posture is open to each other, turning to each other. This is a subliminal cue made by the diagonals of the table.
Speaker gets equal weight for exchange with group, hex shape, exchange by SMARTdesks exchange element work area, exchange collaboration furniture by SMARTdesks exchange flow of collaboration
Here’s my point… When any of these people has the floor, each is empowered by the equal distance between the seats. Notice that the audience seems skeptical of the speaker. They are folding their hands and arms to declare this. See how the diagonals promote a flow that seems to connect them in purpose. Synthesis. Besides having a voice, people need space for gathering information and putting thoughts together. The exchange™ element does this as a stand-alone, but also works the same way for the hexagonal collaboration shape. Each in their own world, but connected in purpose.When viewed from the user’s perspective, the diagonal lines within the hexagonal shape create the illusion of motion, promoting flow. See how the people seated near and far do not feel confrontational because of distance and the cues set up by the inner and outer hexagonal shapes with extended diagonal lines.

Warranty Information

  • 25 years: Thermofused Laminate
  • 10 years: Locks
  • 5 years: Nova Downview technology with flat panel monitor or CRT, Flat Panel Display Security Arm, drawer slides, high pressure laminate, castors, fabrics, metal frame doors, electrical components, PVC extrusions, adjustable surface mechanisms and accessories
  • 2 years: Nova Trolley H-class with Intelligent Motion Technology and flipIT® FIK, FIH, FIL products: first year of warranty for parts and labor; second year limited parts warranty.
Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 8 x 12 in


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